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Is that Jesus on your television? Do yourself a favor. άλλαξε το κανάλι. I was reading the Beatitudes a few weeks ago and found myself well….bored. I prayed God, you are not boring, what am I missing?

TV Jesus

I realized I was reading this passage of Scripture with T.V. Jesus in my head. Do you know T.V. Jesus? You know who I’m talking about, right? He speaks calmly with a monotone voice and mysteriously says, “Follow me.” In my head, T.V. Jesus has ideal flowing hair and glows while He walks on water. T.V. Jesus stands up in a boat and calmly speaks, “Peace” to the storm and it obeys. T.V. Jesus walks around with doves flying above and arms outstretched as He walks down streets and into towns.

Το πρόβλημα

The problem with T.V. Jesus is that I have nothing in common with that guy. I can’t relate to T.V. Jesus At. Ολα. If this is your only perception of Jesus, it can keep you from really knowing Him. It’s why I tend to read Paul’s letters or Old Testament books. I can relate to those people. They were human…all the way human. then I remembered a very essential fact.

Jesus was human too! He was completely human.

Philippians 2:6-7 reads, “Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant.”

It helps me to think of Jesus before He started His ministry. He had a mother and an earthly dad. He had brothers and friends. He got exhausted and needed food, water, and rest! He was completely human and completely holy! It’s challenging for me to wrap my head around human Jesus!

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After I prayed for God to show me what I was missing, the story of Jesus in the temple popped into my head. Matthew 21: 12 talks about Jesus turning over tables because He was so mad people weren’t respecting the temple!

I can relate to that Jesus! This is passionate Jesus! This Jesus has emotions is much more relatable. This man pitched a holy fit! His righteous anger caused a scene and cleaned out the house!

This realization showed me I don’t know Jesus like I thought I did. If I really knew Jesus, I’d never get bored with the Scriptures. I don’t think God wants me putting Jesus in boxes either. He doesn’t want me to have a T.V. Jesus and a passionate Jesus. His desire is for us to simply know His son, Jesus of the Bible!

Re-Learning Jesus

So I’m on a new quest to re-learn Jesus. This will take the holy Spirit, prayer, and slowing down when I read the gospels. I’m also reading stunning Outlaw by John Eldredge. It’s really valuable in allowing you think that Jesus actually had a personality.

Humans have personalities. Some are much more colorful than others. The thought of Jesus hanging out and cracking jokes with his pals practically seems a bit sinful. It shouldn’t. God made His people in His image and lots of Christians have fun and joke with their friends.

We have to turn off T.V. Jesus and re-learn who the real Jesus is.

It should happen to grow in Christ! Jesus shows us who God is! The Jesus of the Bible never gets boring because God never gets boring.

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The good news is Jesus wants us to know Him. He wants us to know Him so badly He died so that we can have the relationship with Him! My re-learning who Jesus is becomes my favorite part of my Bible study. He is so faithful to show up as I study the Bible with the lens of learning who He is based on Scripture, not television. Jesus is worth getting to know. Do whatever you can to get to know Him! That is when the good stuff starts happening. Jesus was the best person who ever walked the Earth, let’s strive to get to know the real Him.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that every eye who reads this concerns know your saving grace through Jesus. I pray you help us learn who you are as we re-learn Jesus. help show us who you are as we read your word. help us to learn to love you with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength. Father, forgive us for putting Jesus in boxes and open our eyes and ears to hear the truth of who He is when we seek Him in the Bible. help us to see that Jesus really is everything.

In Jesus name,


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